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Election Day Cat Blogging

Cat in Mini-blinds

Here’s Tugger, peering through the veil over this day. What does he see? What strange world lies ahead of us?

The results of the process are beneath him, of course. He’s a cat. He would eat my paper ballot if he could.

He doesn’t care that “Voter ID” is actually a voter suppression effort. I showed him the definition of a demagogue:

1 : a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power

And explained that we’re seeing demagoguery at work. He said, “Whatever.”

I asked him about the “anti-gay marriage” amendment. Didn’t he think it was a rather mean-spirited attempt to discriminate, and a shallow ploy to get out the vote for “conservative” candidates?

He said, “You keep me trapped in this house and refuse to worship me properly. The only things preventing me from killing you are that you feed me, and you have me on these anti-depressants which have dulled my predatory rage.”

See how it is? You just can’t reason with cats.

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