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Low Blow Pimento reports on: THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS

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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another Christmas post. It is December in the United States, of course, so it’s natural enough to talk about it, but…

(Wait: is it December in other parts of the world?)

(Wait: is it a natural topic of conversation? There’s a war on, you know.)

My uncertainty grew from a desire not to skew LoBloPoMo too much in any one direction. (Other than the obvious bias toward talking about LoBloPoMo.) And… I dunno. The idea I had… “War on Christmas?” People are either tired of this (most of us) or way too amped up about it (actors playing politicians and pundits on TV).

So I was leaning towards not doing it. But then I thought I might need it as a hook to get you to read through the bit of rambling to follow. LoBloPoMo talk!

It’s December 19. We’ve just passed the halfway point of the month and the LoBloPoMo project. Yes, the word is still dumb, but it has become the label for this whole exercise so I’ll keep using it. Or I could start calling it “Low Blow Pimento,” a term that unexpectedly and delightfully popped out in a status update about the site being down on Saturday. (At the quite likable Moving to Freedom Facebook page, now with custom URL.)

Yes! That’s it! The project will now be referred to as “Low Blow Pimento.” (This also would be a good name for a cocktail. And a rock band.)

I’m enjoying Low Blow Pimento. The blog has awoken! Fed with posts daily, it is thriving. These posts are getting tens of views each day, and I appreciate every one of them. (Seriously. It means a lot to me that you’re making time to read my words.)

And I’m excited about the things coming out of my keyboard. There are more than just Fritos crumbs in there! If you’re catching up from the weekend, you may enjoy “Do They Bite?” My comprehensive market research and feedback via social networks indicates that several people liked this.

I hope we’ll see many more posts like those, and fewer like this one, although this post has its charms also, don’t you think?

Now, as promised…

The War on Christmas

My five-year-old daughter is in kindergarten this year. Every month she brings home a calendar. The kids make a picture related to the month, and the calendar has information about gym days, music class days, etc. We put them up on the fridge. They’re nice. Our daughter is proud of her work and we’re proud of her.

Last month featured a turkey, with Thanksgiving Day prominently noted on the calendar. Very nice. Then there is this month, with a reindeer for the picture. Wonderful. Our daughter likes reindeer. But what’s this? Something seems to be missing on the calendar.

They forgot Christmas,” I said. (I knew it wasn’t an accident. It was clearly the work of secular humanists. Or worse.)

They forgot Christmas?!” my daughter asked, incredulously.

The heavy burden of being a parent settled on me. I had to explain that Christmas was “controversial.” I regretted that she had to hear about it at such a young age. I realized that we were on the front lines of the war now. My daughter wouldn’t be allowed to openly celebrate Christmas in school! This is awful, because she receives no time off for us to celebrate as a family at home.

You heard that right. Christmas falling on a weekend this year doesn’t even help us, because they’re making the kids come in for special Saturday and Sunday “re-education” sessions. They are that petty about it in our schools now.

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