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Walking the Dogs Again

Yesterday I felt uninspired and aimless, which is especially dispiriting at the start of the weekend. If you’re “living for the weekend and a week in the spring,” you better enjoy those weekends.

I started my inspirational music mix on the mp3 player and took the dogs for a walk. Mostly I just became annoyed at the Boxer for pulling so hard, and was preoccupied with trying to correct her.

We use Gentle Leader collars which the other dog doesn’t mind, and it keeps her at a reasonable pace. The Boxer hates the Gentle Leader. She loves going for walks but is miserable about having the collar put on. Yet she still pulls so hard. She just won’t back off.

Angry. Irritated. And then I feel bad about subjecting her to the thing. It doesn’t work as well with her stubby Boxer snout. I angrily and guiltily say, “Why can’t you just walk nice? You’re doing this to yourself, you dumb dog.”

And then we pass some house with an aggressive barking dog in the yard, twice — going out and coming back — and both my dogs jump around like hyperactive idiots, and I’m just not finding any peace.

Enlightenment and direction elude me today.

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