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Santorini Revisited

Cliff homes of Oia, Santorini, in Greece, by Stacy Cashman at Generously shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Cliff Dwellings on the Island of Santorini, Greece, by Stacy Cashman

Stacy first visited the island of Santorini about three years ago, and I posted a couple of her photos of Santorini cliff dwellings here (also freely shared!). That post is one of my top two all-time traffic getters, with combined traffic to the post and the full-size photo at 130,000 unique pageviews to date, according to Google Analytics. I’m not hosting the full-size original this time. Go to for that.

This photo is of the same place from a new perspective. I love the white walls with blue gate in the foreground of this one, along with the red flowers, and how it calls out to the blue and red on white in the background house. Make sure to take a closer look at that white house!

Thanks, Stacy! I’m not envious at all that you’ve been on two Mediterranean cruises in the past three years.

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