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Itsy Bitsy Fritsy: Afterword?

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I hoped to hear from Fritzi by now, but she appears to have dropped out for good. No new posts, as you can see. No tweets since yesterday. She hasn’t answered my emails. (Not that she was very good about that after getting her author access.)

Let’s hope she’s okay. We don’t know that Hildi has anything bad in mind for her, although the woman seemed just a bit unhinged. And let’s also keep the other spiders in our thoughts. That Nolan guy is probably well over the edge and bent on mass spider murder, now.

Despite her deception in securing the guest blogging spot, I appreciated Fritzi’s contributions. She did the job I “hired” her for, which was to post more frequently and liven the place up. She had a “quest for freedom” that I could relate to. I think some of my regular readers enjoyed her tale also.

Great job, Fritzi. You’re welcome to come back anytime, if you can extract yourself from your current predicament, and have anything more you want to say.

So! Now what am I going to do?

I had expected more mileage from my first blogger. $5,000 in advertising only got me 10,800 words from Fritzi. That’s $0.46 per word. Kind of spendy. One to three cents per word would be more sustainable.

But I think the experiment was a success, and I’m going to continue with the guest blogger program. I’m starting the search and selection process again. This time I’ll spend more time vetting the candidates.

I wish I could give you an estimate on when a new blogger might start, but the process will have to take as long as it takes. I’m sorry for the wait, but finding the right person (or bug, or whatever) is a “Critical Success Factor,” as they like to say in Corporate-Speak. Hopefully the next guest will have a longer stint.

Be sure to subscribe via email or feed so you’ll catch when the new recruit starts! And in the meantime I’ll be posting my own feeble thoughts here and there to keep the lights on.

Let’s see…

Selection process.

Where to start?

Look! Here in the mail today, there is another offer for a free $100 of Google AdWords…

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